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Reduction of jail time1
posted 6 days ago

I deserve the jail time but not 0days he has a clean slate and I feel like the punishment is too severe and that it should be reduced to 1-2 days because we want to be active on the server and responding to KuemmHQ's report we did not trick him into teleporting us there he tp'ed us in and we were in a call with him and he said that I could break his old house and he attack 0days and started having a pvp battle with him even tho KuemmHQ had god amour on and 0days had some random stuff and somehow I got mixed up into the situation and KuemmHQ started trying to kill me and I tried to run away and I did make a penis but I deleted it and nobody saw it except for me 0days and KuemmHQ so it didn't cause any harm and KuemmHQ said that I WAS ALLOWED TO BREAK HIS HOUSE!!

Im mad and irritated rn and hope that you can see that i'm calling bs on KuemmHQ's report even tho some of it is true 0days shouldn't be banned and that my time should be reduced- Fealing (please see where I'm coming from and look into KuemmHQ's bs).

6 days ago0

Your jail time is final, decided by both myself and SirGoldman. I'm going to have it noted to staff to ignore any reports you, 0days, Jbk, and Kuemm make, in regards to each other. Any issues you have amongst each other will be disputed throughout you 4, since you seen to always 'be in a call' with each other; staff will not be involved. If either of you make another public disturbance in reference to each other this will result in a ban that will not be allowed. Final warning.

6 days ago0