This guide will teach you (most) of what you need to know about how to own and operate a player shop.

Creating Your Shop

When you first run /ps you will be greeted with a menu of other player shops and a few icons at the bottom of the menu. Hovering over the chest will give you a popup to buy your player shop for $10,000. Clicking it will then buy the shop and deduct the $10,000 from your balance, and will change the text to prompt you to check our your newly bought shop.

Inside Your Shop

Once you click the icon to edit your shop, you will be greeted by a new menu. This menu has many different options for you to choose/edit. The first icon along the bottom row is your shop information. It will tell you at what place your shop will sit among the other shops in /ps, it will tell you how many slots you have unlocked/how many are available, how much money you have from selling items that you can collect, how much your shop is worth based off of the items within the shop and the prices you set for them, and how many days your bought to have your player shop listed at the top.

The next icon in the row is for increasing your rent time. Every time you click it, you will be deducted $10,000 and you will gain another day to your rent time.

The next icon is the icon to go in and edit your shop settings, such as your shop name, your shop icon, purchase more shop slots, and to add items to sell.

The final icon is the back icon, which is used to go back to the player shop list.

Editing Your Shop

Within your shop editing menu, there are a lot of options you can change. The first thing you'll want to do is edit your shop name and set your shop icon.

You can change your shop name by clicking the nametag at the end of the bottom row. Color codes are supported when changing your shop name, and they can be viewed by running /colors in chat. This is your shop so go wild with your shop name, make it as creative as you'd like, just remember that colors MUST come before formatting.

You can change your shop's icon by clicking the player head in the bottom row. Clicking it will pop up the full icon selection menu. Not every icon is unlocked by default however, as you have to buy more shop item slots to unlock more. After selecting a new icon, it will confirm the change in chat.

After changing your icon, if you plan to sell a lot of items, you'll want to be sure to buy more item slots. Be warned these get pricey FAST! The first slot you can buy is your 10th slot, which costs $80,000, and each additional slot adds $10,000 to the price.

Finally, your ready to list some items in your shop. All you have to do is click the item in your inventory and it will temporarily close the shop GUI and prompt you in chat to input how much you want ONE of that item to cost. After setting that, if you wish to add more of that item to your shop simply clicking that item again will add it to the amount already in your shop for the same price. If you wish to remove those items, be warned that it will drop any excess items that wont fit into your inventory onto the floor if you decide to remove those items from your shop (clicking the item will remove all of that item)

!Finally, after editing your shop with all the settings you choose to edit, and adding all the items you want to sell, clicking the enchanted book on the bottom row will save your shop and list it for everyone else on the server to see.

When buying items from shops, left clicking will buy 1 item at a time, right clicking will buy 8 items at a time, and middle clicking (mouse wheel clicking) will buy a stack at a time. Happy Shopping!