This guide will teach you (most) of what you need to know when starting on our Skyblock server!

The first thing we recommend you do is walk around spawn and talk to all (most) of the NPC's. They will all tell you about our custom features and plugins that we have to offer. If you choose not to, it's at least recommended you talk to the Server Info (left) and the Server Guides (right) NPC's as they will be the most useful to you.

After talking to the NPC's if you chose to, you'll need to run /is. Running this will bring up a GUI of the three starter islands we have to offer. Whichever island you choose, it will auto generate it and teleport you to it.

After your island is generated and you've been teleported to it, the first thing that we recommend you do is chop down your starter tree, make some slabs, expand your island a tiny bit, and make yourself a cobble/ore generator. This will make your life a lot easier later down the road.

After you do that and you have another tree grown on your island, we recommend that you use the next tree to make a double chest and place the hopper that comes in your starter chest directly below where the cobble/ores gen. After its placed and you placed the double chest somewhere, you'll need to Shift + left click the hopper to open our custom hopper plugin's GUI. Once inside the GUI you'll need to click the "Block Break" option to enable it, and click the tripwire hook at the bottom labeled link. After you click it it will close the GUI and prompt you in chat to right click the chest you would like to link it to. Right click the double chest from earlier. After you do it'll say in chat that you've successfully linked the hopper. Now all you have to do is sit back and watch it break the ores and cobble for you.

If you have any questions about our hopper plugin click here!

Once you get some ores coming in, we recommend smelting them to make ore blocks, and placing those on your island, as they raise your island level, and the higher level your island becomes, the better ores that your gens will make.

That's all for now, if you have any questions, feel free to ask on our discord or in chat and someone will gladly assist you. Have fun, and Journey on friends!