This guide will teach you how to install the Journey Resource Pack into your game!

Note: This guide is only for Windows.

First, you'll need to run /resourcepack in game, which will give you the link in chat, seen below.

After downloading it, you'll need to open the Run program on your PC by either typing it into the search bar, or by pressing Windows+R on your keyboard, then type in %appdata%, as seen below.

After typing that and pressing enter, you'll need to navigate to your .minecraft folder, then to the resourcepacks folder. Once inside the resourcepacks folder, you'll need to move the resource pack that you downloaded into this folder.

Once you've done that, you'll need to relaunch your game to be able to see it. Once on the title screen, you'll need to navigate to Options -> Resource Packs.

Once inside, your game should look like this (see below)

Hovering over the Journey Pack, there will be an arrow that shows up, and when you click that the pack will be moved to the right side under your "Selected Resource Packs" (see below)

After its moved over, all you have to do is click "Done" and it will apply itself to your game!