Enchanter / Custom Enchants

The enchanter is the servers custom enchants are used.

Using the Enchanter

To enchant you item you right click the end portal to open the Enchanter GUI, Then put your item into the slot in the middle.

Selecting Enchants

When enchanting an item, you will have the choice of either disenchanting(removing an enchant) or enchanting(adding an enchant)


To add enchants, select enchants and should open a list of enchants. To see the names hover over the enchantment books.

When you select an enchant, The Tier Selection opens up depending on the enchant and you can choose the level of the enchant. The custom enchants do not have this.

When you select the enchant you desire, a confirm screen should pop up with the item you are enchanting, the cost of the enchant, and the enchant.

When confirmed the item will be put into your inventory with the enchant on it.

Note: Make sure your inventory is not full when enchanting. the item may not drop onto the floor.


To disenchant an item, follow the same steps as selecting enchant in the GUI, but select disenchant this time.

Select the enchant you want to remove and it should open a confirm page just like the enchant page, with the item, disenchant cost, and the enchant being removed.

Select confirm and an enchant book of the enchant should be back in your inventory with the item too.

Custom Enchants

Soulbound: Keeps item upon death and the enchant does not remove through death

Unbreakable: The item does not lose durability

Smelting: Smelts ores when broken including stone. It also makes stone bricks when broken cracked.

Stuffed: Has a chance to feed you when using the item you have it on.

Undead: Keeps mobs from attacking you.

Lightning: Has a very low chance to strike lightning when you hit something.

Disarm Protection: Keeps the item from being disarmed in a battle.

Instantaneous: Instantly puts broken blocks into your inventory.

Fertilizer (1-3): Crops and saplings grow faster around you.