Bitcoin Guide

The guide below is designed to explain the in’s and out’s of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a plugin that throws a twist to Journey’s currency system, in which you can buy and sell the cryptocurrency at its real world value.


Basic Commands

/btc - opens the virtual menu

/btc value - displays the current value of bitcoin

/btc stats - shows a player's statistics (balance, mining puzzles solved, bitcoins mined, best puzzle time)

/btc top - shows the leaderboard of the top bitcoin-ers

The value of bitcoin will be regularly announced in the chat:

Buying Bitcoin

To buy & invest in bitcoin, use the command /btc buy or purchase them from the menu (/btc). The cost will be calculated based on the current value + 2% for each bitcoin.

Tip: Buy it when it's low.

Free Bitcoin

Want a steady supply of 1 bitcoin per day? Nothing’s more perfect than voting! Use the /vote command to earn your reward and support the server. Sounds like a win win...

Selling Bitcoin

If you wish to sell your bitcoin, use /btc sell or sell them from the menu (/btc). The worth is based on the bitcoin value (/btc value)

Tip: Watch the value and when it soars, sell your coin for big bucks!

Mining Bitcoin

Another way of earning bitcoin is to “mine” it by solving puzzles. You can do this through /btc mine. The worth of completing each puzzle varies.

Hint: The numbers go in order!

Black Market

You can buy some sweet stuff in the black market. Enchanted books ranging from 10 to 75 bitcoin can be found in /btc blackmarket.