Hello! This guide will teach you (most) of what you need to know about Hoppers!

First off, you'll need to either buy or craft some hoppers!

After crafting our buying some hopper from /itemshop, youll need to choose a function for them! Hoppers on Journey have many different functions, such as breaking blocks, sucking in items, filtering items, and teleportation!

Clicking any of the options, will change the wool in the hopper menu for that option from red to green. When the wool is green, that means that option is enabled.

Block Break

When the block break option is enabled, the hopper will break almost any block that is above it.


When the suction option is enabled it will suck in all dropped items within a 5 block radius.


When the farming option is enabled, it will automatically harvest and replant any fully grown plant within a 4.0 block radius.

Item Filtering

To edit the whitelist and void lists of your hopper, you'll need to right click the option. When you do you will be greeted to this menu.

Under the white wool is the whitelist section of the filtering system, which can be set to only allow up to six items into the hopper. Under the black wool is the void section, which will trash any of the items that are put into that specific section.


To enable teleportation you'll first need to link the two hoppers you want to setup together. To do this you click the tripwire hook at the bottom of the main menu, and a prompt will pop up in chat asking you to link it to another hopper, as seen below. You'll need to link both hoppers to each other, and after each hopper is linked, you'll get a success message, seen below. Hopper teleportation can go up to 1000 blocks away.

Item Moving

To move items you'll also need to link the hoppers, and the items will automatically move.

That's about it, if you have any questions, fell free to ask in chat or in discord, and someone will help you out!