Server Features:

Towns - A custom made claiming system that allows you to run a town

Spawners - We support spawner pickup without silk touch and also sell most spawners

Head Drops - Every mob in our server has a chance of dropping a head item

Dragons - In the end there in a chance of 12 different dragons spawning

Hoppers - You can setup wireless item transfer, teleportation, item suction and much more

PvP - A custom pvp system has been implemented that was inspired by 1.7 minecraft

Furnaces - Every furnace can be upgraded to cook faster, use less fuel and output more items

Mcmmo - You can gain skill levels to unlock new abilities and perks

Ranks - We have 10 ranks you can unlock, each rank comes with more perks and commands

Enchantments - Currently we have 7 custom enchants that can be found through the enchanter

Loot - Most mobs in our server has a chance to drop loot with custom names and enchants

Economy - This server's economy system works around selling items and bitcoin

Selling - You can sell items through the /sell menu or you can use a sell wand on chests

Player Shops - Every player can create a shop that will allow you to stock unlimited items

Item Shop - You can buy/sell most items through the /itemshop command

Bitcoin - You can buy/sell bitcoin on this server that also tracks the real value

Farming - We allow almost every type of farming and give you the tools to do it better

Custom Drops - We changed the items that drop from specific mobs to improve spawner farming

Discord - You can link your minecraft in-game rank to our discord

Controllable Animals - You can ride and control specific animals around the world

Griefing - This server does not allow grifing of any kind, we also save every modified block

Server IP: